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Do they all have to be “billion dollar” ideas?

I read 7 Steps to Land and Leverage an Angel Investor and find myself wondering why a lot of startups focus on creating the next billion-dollar idea. It goes back to motivation and intent.  I don’t believe that Da Vinci set out to create the most famous painting of all time when he crafted the famous Mona Lisa painting.  I think he set out to paint a commissioned portrait, intended to decorate the walls of his client’s home in celebration of the birth of their second son (source).

He was a craftsman.  He did his best on every job – regardless of its “importance” or potential for mucho dinero.

I’ve heard a couple of stories about the start of YouTube and that the founders really just wanted to create a site to share videos with friends easily – way before realizing that it would become a “billion dollar” idea.

So the question is – do you start with “how do we make a billion dollars?” or do you start with “what’s a cool service that doesn’t exist today – or could be made better?”?

Articles like these sound like a non-billion-dollar-idea is sub-par. I don’t buy into that at all.

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  1. Absolutely. Agree 100%.

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