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Success is more than just hard work

Tom Peters highlights a statement made about Ben Franklin in his autobiography’s Introduction by Professor Kenneth Silverman:

“He not only worked hard but also arranged to be noticed doing so, . . .”

This is key insight for anyone with ambition. Hard work alone will satisfy your human nature to “pitch in” – but without proper acknowledgement/praise/rewards for your endeavors you will find yourself longing for appreciation.

It takes finesse to “toot your own horn” without it being percieved as bragging. It sounds like Franklin had this concept figured out.

“Mission Statement” Retreat

I’ve been through this before. Mr. Kawasaki’s keen observation on these “retreats” is funny – and sad.

The biggest disservice that is done during an event like this is to turn it over to a third-party moderator that knows nothing about your company and its goals. We wasted an entire weekend once just to determine that we needed to add one single admin. assistant to our staff. The mission statement we drafted didn’t resonate with the rest of the company and was eventually dropped (ignored).

I did get to hold hands with some regional directors, though. We sang together.