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“Growth always comes from the edges.”

Noticed this post by Seth Godin.

He points out some companies that are huge and “boring”.  He highlights that each was once considered risky and had skeptics aplenty.

The same holds true in music.  The “breakthrough” artists always arrive from the edge.  When they’re done, the “mainstream” audience winds up centered around their work.  Elvis.  The Beatles. Nirvana.  Bands that challenge the status quo and wind up legends.

In deciding what next to pursue professionally, I find myself looking for the fringe ideas.  The initiatives with clear intent – that “shake up” how we live/work/play today.

Browsing the bookstore

Browsing the bookstore #1

Originally uploaded by Powellizer.

Found this book while waiting to pickup Michelle at the airport.

Chapter 4 contained questionable content.



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I just read the sad news. They’re closing the original pink flamingo manufacturer!

Strangely, I feel sad. I never owned one. I guess I always felt comforted that they were there if I ever wanted to own one (or a dozen).

I wonder if they’ll stay iconic.

The Gang

003-Group Shot

Originally uploaded by ga_dancing.

Spent another memorable year at North Litchfield for Labor Day weekend.

I just love this group shot!

Marketing and manuals

Creating Passionate Users: Why marketing should make the user manuals!

I thought this article was insightful.  The illustration that they use is excellent.

I can’t tell you how many things in life are marketed one way and then perform another.

People can be that way sometimes.

I can’t remember the last “compelling” user’s manual I’ve read.



Originally uploaded by Powellizer.

Thanks to my friends The Davises, I’ve been using Flickr a lot more. I just added a new group of “Notable” photography. It’s where I will keep what I think are my best shots.

Эй мастер! Ты что там, уснул?

Thanks to a helpful lady on the other side of the globe I think I may have solved why our printer hasn’t been working lately. The cat!

The Germany Pics

Please checkout the Germany 2006 pictures.

These are from our trip to attend Debbie and Carsten’s wedding.  It was also in celebration of my in-law’s 40th wedding anniversary!

My passions (as of 8/7/2006)

Not necessarily in order:

  • Michelle (my wife)
  • coffee
  • beer
  • recorded music (all types)
  • making music (guitar, piano)
  • photography
  • computers
  • travel
  • family and friends

There’s so much that is interesting in this world!

The Internet/Anti-progress-tool

This is on target. I’ve never seen it stated so succinct.

The Internet can be both a boon to progress and a BIG time hole to toss precious hours of your life in the trash.