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Ub Iwerks

Ub Iwerks was the co-creator of Mickey Mouse. He was the cartoonist and Disney was the producer/director.

I’ve always thought that Disney was the chief animator.  He was a suit!  An uber-creative suit – but he was the business side of things.

An “Ah-Ha” Moment

Friday Flickr Foto #28

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I had the pleasure of attending my first coffee cupping today. The cupping was hosted by Counter Culture Coffee at their brand new traning/education loft at Atlanta’s King Plow Art Center.

A BIG thanks to David and Chris of CCC. They guided the process with eloquence and passion. It was informative, memorable and a bit surprising (ask me about the suspenseful "twist" at the conclusion).

This photo is of their new Clover 1s. This machine is generating a lot of "buzz" in the coffee industry. It is designed to allow a barista to micro-brew coffee a cup at a time. This allows for the preperation of different types of coffee to different customers rather than having big pots of just a few (or two) varieties. So a shop could offer a customer a cup of coffee VERY specific to his/her tastes (region-specific, roast-specific, etc.). With luck, it’ll help elevate the level of coffee served way beyond the typical "regular or decaf" options. With it, you can have a cup of Costa Rican Terrazu and then follow up with a cup of the Sumatra Aceh French Roast.

Favoring GTD over CYA

I’ve spent a decade or so in corporate America.  I’ve found that I’m happiest in organizations that value GTD (Getting Things Done) over CYA (Covering Your Ass).

The difference in these two cultures is staggering.  Responsibility means different things depending on the culture.

I prefer a true team effort.

“Growth always comes from the edges.”

Noticed this post by Seth Godin.

He points out some companies that are huge and “boring”.  He highlights that each was once considered risky and had skeptics aplenty.

The same holds true in music.  The “breakthrough” artists always arrive from the edge.  When they’re done, the “mainstream” audience winds up centered around their work.  Elvis.  The Beatles. Nirvana.  Bands that challenge the status quo and wind up legends.

In deciding what next to pursue professionally, I find myself looking for the fringe ideas.  The initiatives with clear intent – that “shake up” how we live/work/play today.

Browsing the bookstore

Browsing the bookstore #1

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Found this book while waiting to pickup Michelle at the airport.

Chapter 4 contained questionable content.



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I just read the sad news. They’re closing the original pink flamingo manufacturer!

Strangely, I feel sad. I never owned one. I guess I always felt comforted that they were there if I ever wanted to own one (or a dozen).

I wonder if they’ll stay iconic.

The Gang

003-Group Shot

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Spent another memorable year at North Litchfield for Labor Day weekend.

I just love this group shot!