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The Germany Pics

Please checkout the Germany 2006 pictures.

These are from our trip to attend Debbie and Carsten’s wedding.  It was also in celebration of my in-law’s 40th wedding anniversary!

Jackass Penguin

I saw a picture of these birds on Flickr (here) and was intrigued by the name. I thought it was a joke.


More details here.


i wish it were summer

Originally uploaded by *andee*.

Photographing flowers seems a little like badminton. Easy to do – difficult to master.

However, I continue to be blown away by photos of flowers. Time and time again I am held spellbound by macro photography of flora.

I’ve taken some of my own and will get them on Flickr soon. I love the lighting, focus, and “pow” effect in this shot.




Originally uploaded by nicora.

One of my favorite pictures on Flickr. This served as the background image on my work desktop for awhile.