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I’ve just taken the time to get some of my del.icio.us tags organized. When I first started adding links to the site and tagging them, I’d add a bunch of tags to each link. That didn’t arrange them catagorically. The tags weren’t helpful. I did a lot of consolidation. The tags are a lot more helpful now that they are somewhat aligned as categories.

It took me a while to get on the tagging bandwaggon, but I’m fully onboard now. Tagging (and thus grouping) my RSS feeds (using Rojo) has proved VERY useful.


I’ve been looking for a good calendar solution lately and have been quite dissapointed.  For now, I’m using CalendarHub.  The link to my calendar is here.  The feature I was looking for the most was RSS notification of upcoming events.  That way, when I’m checking Rojo for an update on the latest news/blogs that I read, then I’ll also receive the occasional notification from my calendar.

If Google ever releases their calendar it will interesting to see if it also has RSS notifications.